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Buckner Restoration Branch

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Buckner Restoration Branch Reunion 2019

Theme ¾Hymn of Admonition

D&C 41:1,2

 Saturday.¾Be Still and Know That I Am God

Psalms 46:10

Speaking:  Dan Brown


9:30am ¾This Do In Remembrance of Me

3 Nephi 8: 28-43

Speaking: Bob Gilbert

11:00am ¾O my people, saith the Spirit, hear the word of God today; Be not slothful but obedient; Tis the world’s momentous day!

Luke 11:29, Alma 17:74-81, D&C 85:24-5

Speaking: Tony Brown

7:00pm ¾Unto honor I have called you—Honor great as angels know; Heed ye, then, a Father’s counsel, and by deeds your purpose show

Deut 26:15-9, Isa 3:3-5, Rom 12:9-18, Jas 1:22-5

Speaking: Brad Hampton

 Monday.¾Tim is ripe! My work must hasten! Whoso will abide the hour; Naught can harm who God protecteth—Elements confess his power

D&C 85:20, Gen 7:68-73, D&C 43:6-8

Speaker:  Greg Lyons

 Tuesday.¾Up ye, then, to the high places I have bid you occupy! Peril waits upon the heedless, grace upon the souls who try!

Isa 58:13-14, 2 Nephi 5:32-9, Jas 4:6-7

Speaker:  Steve Smith

 Wednesday.¾Love ye me and love all people—Love as I I have loved you; This your calling—this my purpose—Thus be my disciples true

Mos 1:48-9, Rom 12:9-18, 1 Pet 3:8-16

Speaker:  Tom Watts

 Thursday.¾Then in this exalted station, your companion I will be; Every promise of my Scriptures will be verified in thee

Alma 17:47-8, D&C 62:2c, 1 Nephi 3:187-9

Speaker:  Shaun Bruto

 Friday.¾Get ye up, then, to your mountain, Zion of this closing day! For the glory of my coming waits to break upon your way!

D&C 56:6, Alma 3:87-8, Gen 7:21-5, Matt 24:36-40

Speaker:  Steve Bohall

 Saturday.¾Forth from thence your testimony shall to trembling nations go, and the world confess that with you God has residence below

D&C 108:8, D&C 58:2-3, D&C 65