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This is Sharilyn Truba from the Empty Nesters.

As you can see, there is now an additional tab on our web site that you can click on to follow up on information about our Senior group, commonly called "Empty Nesters."  We have been in existence approximately 4 years which began in November of 2008.  I had noticed in our congregation, that we had quite a few members in our over 50 age group and thought it would be a good idea to have a program where we could all get together at various times during the year to worship, celebrate a season, have a class together or just a fun activity.  Our group has been successful with attendance averaging between 20-25 seniors for many of our activities.

Just this year we have had a "Guess the name of that love song" Valentine's party, our annual summer picnic at the Carl Barker's residence, a "Old cars and Ice cream" get together at McDonalds and we will be meeting for breakfast at the Perkins Restaurant at highway 291 and 39th street on Tuesday morning, Oct. 23rd at 8:30am.  We welcome all to this activity and if you can make it please notify me. We will have a room to ourselves and I need to let management know the number of people that will be there. Its a beautiful time of year and it is always fun eating, visiting and enjoying fellowship together.

Our group is not restricted to just members of our church but to any visitors, friends or neighbors that you wish to bring with you.  We welcome all to our activities.

I also edit a small quarterly newsletter and welcome thoughts, poems, and stories that I will publish under the column, "Everyone Has A Story".

Along with the newsletter, I work continually on a scrapbook with pictures of our activities.  The book for the most part is kept at the church unless I am working on it.  It has normally been placed on the counter in the foyer of the church.  You are welcome to look at it at your convenience.

We always enjoy being with each other no matter what the activity is planned for, so feel free to join us, call me at 816.796.0452 or email me at  for any questions that you may have.

Forthcoming announcements will be made regarding a Christmas holiday event.  Please check this website or your weekly bulletin under the announcement section that is usually on the back of the bulletin.


Joan and Harold Sharkey will be our Host and Hostess this year for our annual Christmas Party to be held at their home on Friday evening, December 7th at 6:00 pm.  Please bring a dish to pass.  Also, bring a item (letter, toy, memory, etc.) from one of your grandchildren and be prepared to tell a story about it.  A Christmas memory in regard to that would be nice; but any story will be great.  Ladies:  Bring a home made gift like last year for us to swap and also your singing voices.  For those of you who do not know where the Sharkey's live, directions will be available for you soon. Come and bring a friend if you wish.  We plan to have a good time!!! Any questions, please contact me at my email address or at 796.0452.


Our host and hostess was Joan and Harold Sharkey for our Christmas party this year. It was wonderful to see so many people attend.  There were around 30 people in attendance and the wonderful food that each person brought was only surpassed by our hungry appetites and our desire to be together.  After our Grace was offered by our Pastor Jim Shimel, we proceeded in line for the delicious food prepared by everyone.  After our eating, many stories were told, not only Christmas stories but stories in general about how our grandchildren left the indelible mark in our lives of something special that happend between them and us.  Burke Holt, Joan Sharkey, Eleanor Miller were some of us that brought physical momentos from home and shared their story in that way.  After our stories, us women got together for our grab bag Christmas exchange.  There were many home made gifts again this year and in talking with each other, quite surprised at the hidden talent that some of the Buckner women can express through our arts and crafts.  You see, God has given us many talents, some we may not even know that we have.  Our party ended around 8:30pm and people started to leave for home, but I personally did not want to as I wanted a chance to visit with more people but just did not have the time for it. We have such a good time when we are all together and we noticed that the Maitlands who usually spend time out west this time of year joined with us and Cindy and Dohn Ford who are new to our group joined us.  Thanks one and all for your attendance.

We are open for ideas for the new year for 2013, so please come to me and discuss

them and lets try to make this new year of 2013, the best one yet.

OLD TIME HYMN SING A-LONG ACTIVITY - The Empty Nesters have scheduled an Old Time Hymn Sing-A-Long activity that will be held at Bill Ormsbee's home. This will take place on Saturday evening, Feb. 16th at 4:00 in the afternoon.  His address is at 27300 E. Hunter Rd, Sibley.  From the church parking lot you will turn right and drive towards Blue Mills Road.  Turn right at Blue Mills Road and drive to Koger Road.  At Koger you will make a left hand turn and drive a long mile until you reach Hunter Road.  At Hunter Road turn right. Again, it will be approximately a mile down Hunter Road.  His house will be on the left hand side and you will not be able to see it from the road but the number is 27300.  He will have a sign at the front of his driveway that will say "Empty Nesters".  Drive down the driveway towards his house. There will be plenty of parking space.  We are importing in some guest musicians for this activity and with the yummy food that we will be eating (please bring a dish to pass) we are certain to have fun and share in much fellowship activities with this our first get together with all the Empty Nesters for 2013. I will bring our Empty Nester's scrapbook with all the photos of past activities for any friends or new people that may attend that evening. Please let me know if you will be attending as I would like to give Bill an approximate count as to how many to set up for in his home.  Also, if you would like to go and you do not have a ride, please see me and we will see to it that you can be picked up by one of our driving Empty Nesters. Any questions, please contact Sharilyn at 816.796.0452 or 816.519.1522.  See you there!!!

OLD TIME HYMN SING A LONG - Our Sing A-Long at Bill Ormsbee's home on Saturday evening, February 16th, 2013 proved to be a most wonderful evening.  As we pulled up to his beautiful new home over on Hunter Road in Sibley, Bill most graciously welcomed us in.  Our instrumental music people were Garland Schnack who is multi talented and brought along with him both his guitar and banjo.  For whichever song he would play, he could switch his instrument to his own discretion.  Richard Reeves, brought his guitar and Perry Ware brought his Bass instrument.  While Vince Truba strummed along on the banjo, Sharilyn joined in on the keyboard.  Garland was great as our lead, as he would call out to us the song we would sing and echo to each, what key we would play it in.  His wife Eileen was in charge of distributing song sheets and made certain that all had the words directly in front of them.  Bill had organized his beautiful living room with us in front of the cozy fireplace, and the chairs spilling   over into the dining room area.  Needless to say, nearly every chair was occupied with 30 people in attendance.  (Think of the attendance we would have had, if there had been no health issues among the Empty Nesters!!!)  Around 5:30 pm we closed the Sing A-Long segment of our evening with the hymn ...."Let us Pray for One Another"....very appropriate for these stress-filled days that we are living in.  Our guests from Wichita....Glen and Phyllis thoroughly enjoyed the evening. They had driven up to Independence and were staying with the Truba's for the weekend.  Afterwards, the men quickly set the chairs aside and Bill and his helpers brought the tables into the area so we could eat. The prayer over the food was offered by High Priest Jim Gregg. The food brought in by everyone was absolutely delicious and there was plenty of it.  We gathered the February Birthday people in our group aside and shot a quick picture of them as we sang Happy Birthday.  They were Eleanor Miller, Vanda King, and Glen Watters.  Those who could not join us and whose birthdays are in the same month are Wilson Jones, Gerald Olney, EJ Brown, Eileen Hoover and Mary Schildhauer. Sharilyn read a funny poem entitled "The Night Before Empty Nesters" to add some spunk to the evening. We had much time to visit and people milled about talking about how much they enjoyed the music and singing.  Our place for this evening's activity,  hosted a most beauitful setting as we looked out the living room window to see the valley, the brook, and the small forest where the cows graze.  As the sun set into the horizon, we knew once again how much we had been blessed by all being together to worship our great Lord, through song.  I would like to personally thank once again, Bill Ormsbee for hosting our event, Judy Seymour for taking on the title of Kitchen Patrol, Burke Holt and Jim Gregg for their beautiful prayers, Mary Holt for handling coats and other items as people entered, many who helped with the setting up and tearing down of chairs and tables, and all our music people for their time and talent.  Let's get together again soon and let this website serve as additional information for future activities for us, the Empty Nesters!!!


On Thursday morning, April 25th at 9:00am, sixteen of the Empty Nesters got together at Denny's located on M291 near Gudgell in Independence, for breakfast.  We were served promptly and cheerfully by the staff at Denny's and enjoyed visiting and fellowship with each other as we enjoyed our breakfast together. I thank all of you who were able to attend and we missed those of you who were not able to. Afterwards we had a short meeting.  Norma Bowman volunteered to compose an article for our "Everyone Has A Story" column for the June issue of the Empty Nesters Newsletter.  I asked people if they had any additional names for the prayer list.  Several were mentioned and I emailed Harold Sharkey when I got home.  Hopefully those names will be on the flyer insert inside our Sunday bulletin.  Handout information was passed out regarding information on some of the recent items that were passed at the COC 2013 World Conference.  There will be our upcoming activity of the annual Empty Nesters Summer Picnic.  It will be held at the Truba's on Saturday, June 22nd at 4:00pm.  Please continue to check this website on news and information concerning the Empty Nesters. If there are changes, they will be posted as well. 


This summer our picnic will be held on Saturday, June 22nd at the Truba's home at 4:00pm.  Please bring a dish to pass.  We have many lawn chairs but I don't know if there is enough for every single person, so if you have some lawn chairs, feel free to bring them.  We will provide the grilling of hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats.  We will also have drinks, and paperware and silverware.  We are hoping for a nice sunny, not too warm day (no surprise thunderstorms please).  We will begin grilling shortly after 4:00, so lets be prepared to eat around 5:00.  Our summer picnics have always proved to be a lot of fun, so bring your appetite, a friend, and your dish to pass.  If you cannot or are not up too cooking, you could bring some chips and salsa or relishes or anything from the grocery store snack aisle.  That will be fine!   The directions to our house from the crossroads of M24 Hwy and 291 would be to continue on M24 Hwy going east.  Drive past all of the fast food restaurants and towards the bottom of the hill where there is a light at Jackson Drive.  Turn right on Jackson Drive (it is a long curved street) and then on the third street turn left on Davis. Drive one short block up to Sioux Court and turn left again.  We are the fourth house on the right (blue house.....1215).  You can walk to the right of our house through the gate and we will be set up on the deck and you can bring your food into the house that way.  Looking forward to seeing you!!!

Even though many people were attending reunions, retreats, Summer Series, having company or on vacation, our annual Summer picnic at Vince and Sharilyn Truba's home proved to be a huge success.  With nearly 25 people in attendance, there was fun, visiting, joking, and lots of visiting. Bill Ormsbee and Vince Truba were our Master Grillers.  We had an overwhelming amount of food.  Mary Weiss was our guest and she told me how much she enjoyed visiting with the senior saints.  Thanks one and all for all of your help in getting the table ready with food and also for your attendance.


Once again we met for breakfast and this time we gathered together at the Perkins Restaurant at 291 and 39th Street.  They have a nice large room and if you speak up quick enough the manager will let you have that free of charge.  So we were once again lucky for all of us to be together.  After a hearty breakfast, we spoke of people who had been ill and added any new ones that we hadn't heard about it to the prayer list to be submitted to the church for the church bulletin. We talked briefly about the Christmas party coming up in December.  I did not hear of any complaints and feel that Casandra did a marvelous job in taking orders and delivering our breakfast in a timely manner.


Although we were few in number for our Christmas gathering because of many seniors being on the Prayer list and some out of town, we had a most wonderful get together on Saturday, December 7th.  Ken Baker so graciously hosted our get together at his beauitful home on Glendale avenue in Independence.  After our refreshments were served, our Game Captain, Harold Sharkey had some games ready for us and they were not easy.  We had to really put on our thinking caps for the challenges of those games.  But the challenge was great and we needed that.  The women exchanged their gifts and we sang some Christmas carols which Sharilyn had provided us with song sheets that she had brought with her.  As always, its fun to get together and we left Ken's home thankful once again that we could all be together at this very special time of the year.  Please take time to look at the Empty Nester's Scrapbook in the foyer to see memories of our activities and we will keep you abreast of any activities that will be forthcoming.  All are wished a very Happy New Year, a great 2014!!!


On Tuesday, April 22nd, the Empty Nesters has a travel trip planned for a visit to Adam-Ondi-Ahman and Jamesport.  Adam-Ondi-Ahman is a plot of land owned by the LDS church that believes that it was revealed to Joseph Smith that Adam had lived there after he and Eve were cast out of the garden of Eden. There is a tremendous feeling of the Spirit when you arrive at this place; no matter what your belief.  After that we will proceed to Jamesport, a town where predominately the Amish people live. We have plans to go to an Amish grocery and yards-good store, visit a Harness shop, a Furniture store and also witness the Amish farming land, their travel mode, homes, and possibly a one room school house.  We will eat our lunch in Jamesport and have a chance to buy some of the wonderful Amish baked goods.  Please let Sharilyn Truba at  know if you can attend. We will meet at the church on this day, Tuesday, April 22nd and leave shortly after that time.  This will be a full day trip, planning to arrive home between 5:00-6:00pm to the Independence area.


Our trip to Adam-Ondi-Ahman/Jamesport on April 22nd proved to be a wonderful day with fourteen of our Empty Nesters attending:  Those included the Trubas, Leins, Sharkeys, Maitlands, Kings, Barkers, Bill Ormsbee and Jerry Lodgeman.  We met at the church and started out with a prayer offered by Harold Sharkey, and then teamed up with our four vehicle car caravan on our way to the northern part of the state.  We made a quick stop at a McDonals in Cameron and found out that the Barkers were having some car problems.  They quickly found a mechanic and told us they would meet us in Jamesport.  We arrived at Adam-Ondi-Ahman and was amazed at the beautiful landscape and hilly scenery.  We stood and meditated a bit realizing that the early saints respected their land.  According to Mormon sayings, this was the buriel place of Adam.  Bill Ormsbee offered a prayer for our safety and fellowship and we travel on to Jamesport, then meeting with the Barkers who had solved their car problem.  We filed into the Gingerich Dutch Pantry Restaurant to enjoy a home made Amish Buffet lunch.  Afterwards some of us visited the Bakery behind the restaurant and then we split up to frequent our favorite Jamesport store.  Traveling down Highway 190 we began our tour with the Jamesport Harness shop.  You could smell that wonderful leather smell and the men really seemed to love this store.  We witnessed home made Amish harnesses, saddles, belts, leather gloves, handbags, etc. The men had their workshop adjacent to their products that they sold and you could see how they had made all of their products with extreme care.  Next on our list was the H & M Country store.  There was an array of preservative free herbs, jams, jellies, cooking supplies, flours, sugars, cheeses. eggs, noodles and other yummy foods. Behind in the corner were baking utensils that were for sale. I imagine many an Amish wife stirring up her batch of german strudel for a Christmas or Holiday meal.  Very near that store was the Fabric Store with a variety of sewing materials for knitting, crocheting or quilt making.  When we left that area our last stop was the Oakridge Furniture store completely owned and operated by the Amish.  There were beauitful tables, cabinets, chairs, Bed headboards, wooden bowls and cutting boards. At the other end of the store was a grand supply of Amish books, children's books and inspirational writings.  We gathered in front of the store for a group picture and we were on the way home.  As I was driving out of the area on Highway 190, Bill Ormsbee who was sitting behind me tapped me on the shoulder.  "Look over there, Sharilyn" and as I turned to look at the farmland to the south of me, we witnessed an Amish farmer doing his Spring planting in the field with a team of 6 work horses.  As the sun was setting on the horizon, I somehow knew that that would have been an awesome picture.  I thanked God for the beauitful day, the fellowship and the opportunity to witness a land where people lived like they might have a hundred years ago.  I knew we had to make a return trip and I wanted to do it soon.  Seniors, you who do not participate in our activities are missing many wonderful moments of just being together.  Please join us and do it soon. Keep up with our activities on the church website or printed on the Sunday Bulletin.  I thank all of you who helped out with this trip in anyway.  I appreciate your participation.


This year was special in many ways, when we scheduled our summer picnic for Saturday, July 19th.  Bill Ormsbee's home is a beautiful classy ranch house, situated on a few acres of wooded property.  He had built a special deck to grill the hamburgers for the day and to add to that day we had some special guests from Denmark....Birgit and Michael Jensen.  Birgit had been an Exchange Student in Sharilyn's home in 1975-76, the bicentenniel year of our great nation.  When 34 of us arrived at Bill's home, we had a chance to glance at the poster board that Sharilyn had created of Birgit's memories with her and through the years.  The memorabilia from Denmark and the pictures of special moments from Birgit, Michael and their children were awesome to note and look at.  As Sharilyn began the afternoon with announcements, recognition of the people on the grounds that were helping out with this activity, the Empty Nesters in the chairs below on the grounds got quiet.  Sharilyn gave a little speech about Birgit, her experiences with her back in 1975-1976 as Birgit had proceeded through that year as her Exchange student.  Comments were also made about the travels of Vince and I as we were so fortunate to make a few trips to Europe during the past twenty five years.  God has been so good to us and as I looked down at Birgit sitting in the front, I noticed a few little tears, that were rolling down her cheek.  We had Jim Gregg offer the prayer on the food and the eating and visiting began.  Vanice Maitland and Dawne Jones had the Empty Nesters sign a book for Michael and Birgit about Kansas City...."Then and Now".  We presented the book to Michael and Birgit and they enjoyed reading the many comments that were written in the book for them.  I had name tags with our first name written on each one that everyone wore so that Birgit and Michael could recognize each by our first name.  Birgit is very good on learning names as she is a school teacher. Judy Seymour and Charlotte Brendel helped with kitchen work and then as always, and what we do best, we began the food line with Birgit and Michael leading, as we began to visit with our very special guests. We had a group picture taken and Birgit took a panoramic picture on her camera of all of us...which I hope she sends to us.  A note to add to all of this...when we got home that night, that was all they could talk about over and over again.  They thanked us many times and brought up Bill's name and how beautiful the grounds are where he lives and the nice time that we had.  Each time we had a meal, they bowed their heads as Vince would ask the blessing over the food and when we had prayer each day before taking off on an activitiy, we would pray and they would join us in a circle, holding hands and pray with us.  One of the highlights of the week for me was when they told us they wanted to go to church with us.  As we stood up and the opening Invocation was offered at church (while we all held hands together)....I knew then that God was placing Birgit under my watch care many years ago, so that we could experience their love now, in July of 2014....almost forty years later.  God truly performs miracles in our lives.  We just have to be in tune to receive and witness all of them.

Keep your eyes opened for events in the future for the Empty Nesters.  We will be scheduling a Breakfast and a Movie night soon.  Look for upcoming reminders in the Bulletin and here on line under the "Senior" section of the church website.


There were about 24 of us who met for breakfast at the Independence IHOP at Little Blue parkway and I-70.  We had a delicious breakfast and Dawn, the manager for the morning at the IHOP had everything set up in our own private room.  Our breakfast was served in a timely manner.  Some newcomers to our breakfast were Harry and Kay Williams and LaFern and Hans-Martin Barsch (friends of the Truba's) attending with us.  We had a short business meeting after our breakfast. 

On Saturday, November 15th will will be traveling to Union Station to see the documentary "Jerusalem" at the IMAX theatre inside the Station. Afterwards we will meet at Harvey's on the main floor for lunch. Please let me know if you plan to attend so I can give a correct numer to the manager of the restaurant.  We will meet at the church at 9:45 to car pool to the station. The movie time is 11:00 and we may need to pick up our tickets at the ticket office before the movie.

On Saturday, December 6th will be our Christmas Party at Del and Alma Lein's home. Before the party begins we will meet at the Fountains to participate in a Christmas sing a long for the residents at their building.  I will be composing a little program for the program we plan on doing for them between 3 and 4:00pm.  The Beebe's and the Green's from our congregation now reside at the Fountains, so I am sure they, along with the other residents will be happy to have a bit of Christmas cheer stop by for them during the Christmas season. Afterwards we will travel to the Lein's for our gatheriing. Please bring a dish to pass and the ladies may bring a home made gift for the gift exchange.  Bring a Christmas memory of a time with your parent/parents that you can share with the group. These testimonies/memories make the gathering more special. 

We have some activities coming up for 2015 that include a movie night at Ken Bakers and a possible trip to Spring Hill for a musical show in the Spring, so stayed tuned to the email website and the announcements in our weekly church bulletins.


We felt bad to cancel the activity for Union Station in November to see the documentary "Jerusalem" but we had a threat of snow and I did not want to jeopardize the travels of many seniors that were planning to attend this activity. There were many who wanted to attend. However I learned that the documentary will be held over until Jan. 6, so if you have an interest to go and see it feel free to do so.

We made up for the fun at Greenbriars...The Fountains, when we presented a Sing along program for the Seniors living there on Saturday, December 6. 2014. We met at the Fountains around 2:45 to begin our program at 3:00. I was lucky to retrieve our good friend, Bob Harm from the Colburn congregation that Vince and I have known since the old Michigan days.  He is all over that guitar, and he assisted me on the piano. We also were lucky to get Nadia Cross to sing a closing solo of "O Holy Night."  We were happy to have Dennis Seymour lead everyone in some fun Christmas songs and then after a funny poem, the program switched to a more serious side with Bill Ormsbee reading the Christmas story from St. Luke and then singing the more religious carols. The final prayer and the solo of "O Holy Night" by Nadia ended the program. We were lucky to run into Muriel and Russell Beebe and George and Lois Greene who reside at the Fountains.  Many people made favorable comments and Jason, the Activities Director from the Fountains wants us to come back next year.  So horray for us Empty Nesters....we brought some ministry and some fun to a group of people who may have needed it very much.

Afterwards we went over to Harold and Joan Sharkey's home and had our home made pot luck dinner and much visiting.  The ladies did their gift exchange and people shared in some of their memorable Christmas stories. 

Thank you Empty Nesters for a wonderful response to these activities.

We have a Movie Night planned at Ken Bakers for February.  Keep your eyes and ears open.  There will be more information on that activity as "time goes by."


I want to let you know that in spite of the cold and snowy evening that sixteen of the Empty Nesters were able to get together at Ken Baker's home for a wonderful warm pot-luck dinner (with Emma Brendel's wonderful home made potato soup) and to enjoy the movie that was shown... "Heaven Is For Real".  We had a fun filled evening, a short meeting after the movie and the evening ended approximately around 8:00pm.  I want to thank Ken, and all the kitchen staff, Charlotte and Emma Brendel, Elinor Greg, Alma Lein, Zalfen Colville, and Alta Short.  Thanks so much for organizing and cleaning up the kitchen area when the evening came to a close.  It only goes to prove that us Empty Nesters really do rock and we won't let adversities work against us.



We will meet at the church at 9:45am on Tuesday, May 5th and will caravan in our vehicles to Lexington, MO to the state Historic City where we can take in the museum, a movie and view the grounds.  The museum and the movie are free however there is a charge for touring Oliver Anderson's mansion that was also used as a hospital during the 3-day war. We will plan on beginning our tour around 11:00, then view the movie so that we can be on the grounds at 12:00 sharp for anyone wanting to take the tour of the house/hospital. Afterwards we can tour the Courthouse if you wish.

I hope to make the reservation for around 1:30 pm at the Victorian Peddler. Please let me know if you plan on attending so that I can confirm with them the number who will be present.  We have the option of our own private room, if I can let them know early enough.  Please let me know by Sunday, April 26th if you can attend so that I have time to confirm the number with the restaurant. 

After lunch you will be on your own to view the town, visit shops or whatever.  When I was up there a couple of weeks ago, there was a nice display of farm equipment out on the sidewalks.  You men should enjoy that.

For any questions, please call me, talk to me at church or email me on line at  Thanks, Sharilyn Truba


The Empty Nesters enjoyed a day out on Tuesday, May 5.  We met at the church and Dennis Seymour offered a prayer before we left, for our safety and fellowship together. We arrived at the war site museum in Lexington pretty much on time and toured the museum and viewed a movie about the war lasting about 25 minutes.  It was very informative and the twenty of us enjoyed and understood more about the site and the actual ground that we were walking on.  About 12:00pm sharp, we walked out of the museum and over on the property where the Anderson house stands.  Diane, our guide gave us a very thorough tour through the house.  They had used the house as a hospital to take care of the soldiers that were in distress at the time of the war.  Each room was a story in itself and some of the stories told were amusing as well as informative.  We learned how the men and women had to endure hard time while a city was in contention. 

After the tour we headed towards town to the Victorian Peddler Restaurant.  Melissa had our room ready for us. We ordered and Paul Frinsthal said grace on our food.  Our meals were delivered in a timely matter and the portions were plentiful. Everyone seemed to have a good time visiting and enjoying their delicious lunches.

After we ate some of the seniors had to leave to go to their homes.  There was a few of us left that went over to the Courthouse and we went inside to see the beautiful architure of the stately building.  Of course we noticed the area where the cannonball hit the building, but it did not go all the way through the wall.

I want to thank all of the people who helped out with driving in our caravan on the way to Lexington.  The day was perfect weather and everyone seemed to enjoy theirselves.

Our next activity will be our annual picnic.  I am thinking of scheduling it for August this year as the reunion, camps and vacations are right around the corner and August might be a better time for that.  I'd also like to have some classes about preparing for our future, what we might do in case tribulation times hit our area, scripture classes, or anything else that you might want to discuss.  A Senior Empty Nesters retreat has been on my mind for a long time.  Please come to me with any questions or email me at  Thanks to all of you as always, for your participation in our projects and activities.


Our annual picnic was held at Bill Ormsbee's this year on October 3, 2015. It was a bit late because of an emergency health trip regarding my daughter in Michigan. When I returned we were still ready for the picnic.  With a great kitchen staff once again and Bill at the Grill....we enjoyed an array of pot luck food and then proceeded after that to the campfire with Garland Schnack from the South Crysler Restoration Church accompanying us on his guitar with an array of campfire songs.  In the beautiful twylight of the evening we enjoyed each other's company and fellowship.  As the sun set in the west, we knew that over thirty of us belonged together once again and we had enjoyed the grounds, food and singing at Bill's home.  Thank you Bill for you volunteering to help us out with this activity as well as kitchen staff and the people involved in tearing down afterwards.  We are always so thankful for everyone that helps.


We enjoyed breakfast time together as 33 of us seniors were able to get together for breakfast at the Big Biscuit in November.  We were attended to in an orderly fashion and served breakfast in a timely manner.  Vanice and Sam Maitland were with us celebrating their 59th wedding anniversary together.  We sang to them and then presented them with a special card commerating their anniversary.  Please join us for these breakfasts.  We eat, visit, and fellowship always....a perfect combination of what us seniors do best!!!


We decided on an informal gathering on this date as we knew many would be traveling, involved with family activities and out of town travels.  With only 16 of us here, we still managed to have a wonderful evening involved mostly with our snack smorgsboard, visiting, fellowshiping and singing some Christmas carols.  The holidays are always so much fun for me, but being that the year was so very busy in the Truba household, there were not formal plans of what we would do for Christmas.  It turned out very well I think, with just letting the party "fall where it may" and were able to enjoy each other on a "one to one" basis.  I never heard a silent moment, and for this activity that was great.  People starting leaving around 8:00pm and as the last flame died, I once again knew why we were together.  God has kept us strong, and he will continue to do so.

I am continually needing articles, experiences, etc. for my newsletter. Please call me or email me.  I have also noticed seniors that are not participating.  We would would like to encourage you to join us.  We also have new people joining and attending our congregation.  Please feel free to get on "Seniors" and read about our activities. Remember if there are any questions, need information, or suggestions, please email me at or call me on my cell at 816.519.1522. 


We met at the church at 9:00am on Friday, March 18, 2016 and carpooled to Union Station in Kansas City.  Among the nine of us who attended the DaVinci exhibition there was Pat and Jim Shimel, Ken Baker, Emma and Steve Brendel, Vince and Sharilyn Truba, Bill Ormsbee and Jim Peck. We had a fun day learning about the many interests Da Vinci was able to provide in his life time.  The exhibition not only displayed a hands on exploration of the life and work of this original Renaissance man, but featured over 65 inventions and machines brought to life from this famous man Leonardo DaVinci. His work included the sciences, art, music, philosphy, literature and he was highly acclaimed as a most intelligent man from someone born in the fifteenth century. Of course his noteable artwork was the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper which was my personal favorite part of what this incredible man was famous for.  Emma and Steve went back to the exhibition after we ate lunch and finished their "walk through".  We ate lunch at Harvey's Restaurant and returned back to the church around 9:30.       


Being that many of our seniors have been under the weather with assorted health problems and many could not do the walking at the Exhibition, I thought it might be fun to get together for just a fun plans, no walking, just fun. We got together around 4:00pm with pizza, salad, finger foods, desserts and just had a nice time visiting, eating and fellowshiping together.  Two people new to our group is Mary Ionis and Jim Peck.  We welcome them and glad that they could join us on this fun Saturday evening.  Please, any Seniors you know, in or out of our congregation, be sure to invite them.  We try to schedule different activities to appeal to everyone.  I am working on an Empty Nesters breakfast for June, so please read your Sunday Bulletins each week. Also my nephew who works for Samaritan's Purse in Africa is due home (Michigan) in mid June ending his 5 year contract in Africa from Samaritans's Purse and him and his wife will be traveling our way during the middle of the summer.  They said they would stop by in Kansas City and give us a presentation of their life and work in Africa for the last five years.  I think it will be VERY interesting and look forward to that.  Plans for that will be tweaked and we will let you know more about that as summer approaches.  Our announcements are on the back of the program. You can also read about our past activities here on this website at or call me at 816.519.1522 or email me; for questions or additional information


Our annual picnic was a huge success this year with the host being Bill Orsmsbee.  At his home and on his beautiful farm, tables and chairs were set up with his home being sparkling clean and all set for a picnic.  Because of many being ill and not feeling up to par, we didn't think we would fare to well but there were twenty four of us and we enjoyed the variety of food that eveyone brought to share for this activity. Bill cooked the wonderful hot dogs and brats and also contributed to the variety of cold soft drinks. He had them in a large steel bin at the end of the stairs for us to grab on the way down to the tables that were waitng for us. Brother Harold Sharkey offered grace and we began to enjoy our wonderful meal as we also enjoyed the wonderful weather that God had provided for us.

After our meal, Sharilyn called a short meeting as we discussed future plans. We will be rescheduling our Boonsville trip and we also talked about people that we wanted to be put on our Senior prayer list. Introductions were made as our visitors Nonie and Ray Wheeler were in attendance as they just began attending the Buckner congregation a couple of months ago.  A round of applause was made for Bill.  Bill puts a lot of time and energy into preparing for these summer picnics and we didnt want to forget to recognize all that he does.  Names of birthdays were read for the month of August. I also wanted to let people know that my new number is 816.423.1001. and that I gave my old cell phone to Vince and that number is 816.519.1522.  Of course you can also reach me on our email at  Our church website is  Just click on "Seniors" to get to our blog.

I want to thank the ladies that provided kitchen help being Vanice Maitland, Charlotte Brendel, Lynn Shaw and Alma Lein. If there were others, thank you.  Thank you men for tearing down tables and putting back chairs and helping with all of those activities after the picnic.

I still need stories for our newsletter and a volunteer for our Christmas Get together.  The holidays will be here before you know it and we need this information as soon as possible.  Thanks for all of you who came. We need your presence to enjoy this department of our congregation and to make it successful.